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Couples Healing Sessions

Reconnect and Renew Your Love: 90-Minute Couples Healing Session
Rediscover the Joy and Love in Your Relationship
In the heart of Cape Town, nestled in the serene locale of Table View, Cathy Bower offers a special 90-minute session designed for couples looking to deepen their connection, resolve their issues, and turn conflicts into resolutions. This February, treat yourselves to a journey back to love, rekindling the warmth and kindness that brought you together.

What to Expect in Your Session:

Personalized Relationship Insight: Cathy begins by getting to know you and your partner, gathering a brief history of your relationship to tailor the session to your unique story.

Connection Meditation: Engage in a guided meditation designed to relax your bodies and minds, allowing you to find each other's hearts once again.

Rediscover Love and Joy: Through tailored exercises and discussions, you'll remember the reasons why you fell in love, exploring the joy that your partnership brings to each other's lives.

Walking Away Connected: Leave the session feeling a renewed sense of connection, with your hearts touched and the love between you revitalized.



Please note that when purchasing a session pack containing two or more sessions, all sessions must be used within a four-week period from the date of the first session. Unused sessions beyond this period will not be eligible for a refund or extension. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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